Wednesday, April 30, 2014

50 Since Christmas

Just returned from an epic cross-country trip - one I was a little worried would ruin my progress. But - I'm happy to report that vacation didn't ruin me at all. I blame walking nonstop in San Francisco and even a bit in Vegas in spite of three days on the train. Besides, the food on the Amtrak trains really isn't that bad - I had a black bean burger a few times and the portions are reasonable, not gigundous. Even the Vegas buffet at Aria was pretty darn healthy if you didn't go mega crazy with the desserts. Still, I did gain a few before re-losing it again last week.

And now, today, I'm down 50 since Christmas. Finally. It feels good to be on a roll instead of covered in them.


Getting there - well, getting back to there, that is. Progress is sweet.


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